Women’s football

In a recent report, Sport England revealed that by every measure fewer women than men play sport regularly.  2 million fewer 14-40 year olds.  Our view, therefore, is that football tours specific to women’s football, geared at inspiring others, will have a significant effect of female participation in football.

Not all clubs have the opportunity to play  on an European or International stage.  Therefore, players could be missing out on this opportunity to develop.  In order to satisfy the demands of all your players (and coaches) you need look no further than Adventure Kicks ©.  Our extensive reach into the women’s game allows us to offer unique opportunities promoting female participation, supporting #liveyourgoals and provides your club the chance to play on an international stage.


Our International women’s football tours offer clubs global exposure & players an opportunity to learn & develop.



Tours offer genuine cultural & community coaching projects assisting with football development.


With direct links to football authorities we tie into football development programmes.
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Unique opportunities to take on international teams in challenge matches licensed through #fifamatchagent


Above all lifelong friendships can be forged through football tours.



With opportunities in countries such as Gambia, Mongolia & Nepal your club can be at the forefront of developing the game at home and abroad.  Trips typically offer a game versus the host country national team with a series of games in the build up against local sides.  Working with national associations and clubs you’ll have the chance to stage community coaching programmes, meet and inspire groups/schools and soak in the cultural delights of your hosts.



For more details or to discuss your trip please contact our FIFA Licensed Match agent Martin Myers via martin@adventurekicks.com