In September 2015 a group of Airdrie Supporters embarked on an expedition to Mongolia, the least densely populated country on Earth. The group spent the first few days in the capital, Ulaan Baatar, playing football & attending the British Fair day hosted by the British Embassy.

The footy macth was no ordinary kickabout.  The group played in an international cup, sponsored by Glengoyne, & held at the national stadium against a representative side of the current national champions.


The match was held as it were an international friendly with a team of fifa match officials and led by our fifa licensed match agent.


After 2 nights in UB the team headed to Mandalgovi in the Gobi desert where they spent 3 nights within the community.


Due to the groups considerable fund raising efforts they were able to donate 4 gers (traditional family homes) to homeless families in Mandalgovi, Gobi desert.

Whilst in the town the team played a match against a local side and became the first visiting team to do so.  The game was watched by a crowd of locals who soaked in the pre match entertainment before cheering on both sides.


After a busy few days in Mandalgovi (being hosted by the local governor) the team headed into the remote countryside for some downtime, before taking on some trekking.  A night was spent living with a nomadic family who cooked up some traditional food.  After some star gazing the group settled in for the night.


The next morning the group headed off up to the national park north of UB, Terelj.  With the famous turtle rock as the back drop the team enjoyed a night in a traditional ger camp taking in the views and more traditional food.  They woke up to snowy scene.


On route back to UB the team visited the Chengis Khan monument…..a site not to be missed.


The final day was offered as a well earned rest day where the team had free time to enjoy exploring UB.  In the evening we said our goodbyes during a visit to a local pub where the diamond geezers handing over of footy kits and equipment to a local club.

Trip testimonials:

I can’t speak highly enough of the trip Adventure Kicks put together for us. Looking back its surreal to think of the experiences we encountered along the way. I’m sure I speak for everyone in the group when I say it surpassed any of our expectations. Can’t wait to get organising our next expedition.
Jamie Leishman