Our Team

Martin Myers, Head of Football / Coaching & FIFA Licensed Match Agent


Martin takes responsibility for football tie-ups and overseeing the football specific aspects of our tournaments and training camps as our FIFA Licensed Match Agent.  He has various Scottish Football Association coaching badges for both the Youth/Adult & Children Pathways as well Goal keeping, Futsal & is a registered Scout.

Willie Henderson, Ambassador

Willie, a former professional footballer with over 50 caps for Scotland and 470 for Rangers FC. He develops Adventure Kicks tie ups and publicity home and abroad.

Dr Duncan Goodall, Medical Director   


Duncan, himself a former professional footballer, is a sports doctor for Celtic FC, St Johnstone FC and a Special Advisor to the Mongolian Premier League.

Sang Mendy, Sport Journalist & head of Gambian operations


Sang is a sports journalist in The Gambia and heads up a football academy in his home village, Brufut.  Sang is a lover of all things football and is our in country liaison officer for all Gambia projects.

All of our adventurous tours, health & safety and logistics are handled by Sandbaggers  ltd.